Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Choosing the Best Yoga Mat Bag: Explore Your Options

Your yoga mat bag is more than just an accessory. The right mat bag can protect your mat from the wear and tear of daily practice. But it’s also about convenience. Maybe you walk to the studio and just want a simple way to throw your mat over your shoulder and go. Or you’ve started a new restorative yoga class and need a bigger bag to hold your yoga blocks and gear.

Though there are plenty of styles on the market, most yoga mat bags fall into one of three categories:

Harnesses and Slings. A sling consists of a nylon strap that you can attach to your mat, while a yoga mat harness offers a wraparound sleeve for added protection. Both typically feature a cushioned shoulder strap, are extremely lightweight, and an ideal option if you walk or bike to class.

Traditional Mat Bags. Yoga mat bags are available in a variety of different materials, including nylon, canvas, and even recycled paper. With a drawstring enclosure and shoulder strap, you’ll appreciate the portability and convenience of a good mat bag. And while most are long enough to accommodate a standard 24” mat, larger sizes are also relatively easy to find.

Yoga Duffel Bags. But what if you want more from your mat bag? A yoga duffel bag can be a great alternative when you need extra room for your car keys, water bottle, a good book, or a few yoga props. Most feature either side or bottom compartments to stash your mat, extra pockets and pouches, and a shoulder strap for added convenience.

Whichever type of yoga mat bag you choose, you’ll likely find the right combination of protection, convenience, and portability to suit your specific needs and lifestyle.