Thursday, May 6, 2010

Choosing the Best Yoga Mat Bag: Materials & Eco Friendly Yoga

Given the popularity of the yoga movement, it’s not surprising that the selection of yoga products has grown significantly over the past few years. Look at yoga mat bags, as an example. Not too long ago, mat bags were a standard, no-frills accessory. Simply a means of carrying your yoga mat to the studio and back home. Today, though, yoga mat bags are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

If it’s time to replace your tired, worn-out mat bag, consider your options. And the material that best suits your individual needs. Bags are made from a variety of different materials, including:

Nylon or Canvas. Many standard, entry-level mat bags are made of either nylon or canvas. Easy-to-clean and affordable, nylon and canvas are also among the most durable and can last for years.

Cotton. Cotton yoga mat bags are the most common on the market and for good reason. Cotton is durable, holds up to daily wear-and-tear, and is extremely lightweight. Cotton bags are also fairly waterproof, which makes a difference after a few sweaty sessions in the studio, and many are machine-washable.

Natural Fibers or Recycled Products. Eco-friendly yoga mat bags have become a popular choice in recent years. Hemp and jute mat bags, for example, are made from natural fibers, but are still relatively durable and inexpensive. And you might also consider a recycled paper mat bag. Lightweight and very environmentally-friendly, many bags made from recycled materials may not hold up quite as well over the long run.

So take your time and shop around. With such a wide selection and easy access, you’ll likely be able to find a yoga mat bag with just the right combination of durability, washability, and convenience.